Liquid biopsies based on solid science

Blood-based cancer genome profiling

We offer cost-effective and comprehensive solutions for blood-based cancer genome profiling and residual disease detection. Our assays detect somatic mutations, copy number alterations, and chromosomal rearrangements from circulating tumor DNA fragments in blood. Our service portfolio also includes customized assays and tumor tissue profiling.

Comprehensive cancer assays

Our research assays are tailored for individual cancer types, detecting somatic and germline DNA mutations, copy number alterations, and rearrangements in all genes of interest, along with a genome-wide copy number profile. With prices as low as 900€ per cell-free DNA or tissue sample, our assays are a great choice for genomic characterization, biomarker discovery, and resistance mechanism studies.

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Targeted assays

Our targeted assays identify clinically actionable DNA level alterations at the lowest cost. Applicable to circulating tumor DNA, tissue, and white blood cell samples, these focused panels provide a great basis for biomarker-driven trial enrolment, companion diagnostic development, and clinical genomic profiling. Our targeted assays are currently research use only.

BRCA test

Residual disease assay

We are validating a residual disease assay for treatment response monitoring and recurrence detection. The personalized assay achieves extreme sensitivity by tracking 20 - 100 somatic mutations unique to a patient's cancer.

Our technology

Every person's blood carries billions of DNA fragments released from cells in their body. In a person with cancer, some of these fragments originate from cancer cells. Starting with only 8 mL of patient blood, we extract circulating DNA fragments and analyze them to characterize the cancer cells present in a patient's body. Please see our list of publications for more information.

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Our team

Fluivia is a Business Finland funded project operating inside the Tampere University aiming to commercialize circulating tumor DNA analysis. We wish to translate our academic innovations into a commercial offering to benefit cancer patients and improve cancer care. With strong expertise in both computational and experimental circulating tumor DNA analysis, we are in a unique position to push these technologies towards commercial applications.

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Laboratory and quality management

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Product development

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Scientific consulting

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Business development

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We wish to partner with pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and academic groups to advance clinical research and provide the best possible treatment for patients. Please contact us to discuss how your organization could benefit from partnership with Fluivia.