Comprehensive liver cancer assay

The Fluivia comprehensive liver cancer assay detects somatic mutations, copy number changes, rearrangements and germline variants in 67 liver cancer genes. The test can be used with circulating tumor DNA, fresh frozen cancer tissue, or FFPE cancer tissue. The assay interrogates all genes that are recurrently altered at the DNA level in liver cancer, including genes related to cell cycle regulation, WNT signaling, PI3K signaling, and chromatin remodeling. The assay also estimates a genome-wide copy number profile at 300 kb resolution, enabling absolute copy number quantification and detection of genome duplication events.

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700 - 1500€ per sample, depending on order volume. Sample shipping and analysis of matched germline samples is free of charge.

Panel content

GeneAnalyzed regions
ACVR2ACoding regions
ALBCoding regions
ALKCoding regions
APCCoding regions
ARID1ACoding regions
ARID2Coding regions
ATMCoding regions
ATRCoding regions
AXIN1Coding regions
BAP1Coding regions
CCND1Coding regions
CCNE1Coding regions
CDKN1ACoding regions
CDKN2ACoding regions
CFHCoding regions
CTNNB1Coding regions
EXT1Coding regions
FAT4Coding regions
FGF3Coding regions
FGF4Coding regions
FGF19Coding regions
IGF1RCoding regions
IL6STCoding regions
IRF2Coding regions
JAK1Coding regions
KEAP1Coding regions
KITCoding regions
KMT2ACoding regions
KMT2BCoding regions
KMT2CCoding regions
KMT2DCoding regions
LRP1BCoding regions
LRRK2Coding regions
LZTR1Coding regions
METCoding regions
MKI67Coding regions
MUC1Coding regions
MYCCoding regions
NCOR2Coding regions
NF1Coding regions
NFE2L2Coding regions
NOTCH3Coding regions
PCLOCoding regions
PDE4DIPCoding regions
PIK3CACoding regions
POLQCoding regions
PREX2Coding regions
PRKDCCoding regions
PTENCoding regions
PTPN13Coding regions
PTPRBCoding regions
PTPRTCoding regions
RANBP2Coding regions
RASA1Coding regions
RB1Coding regions
RELNCoding regions
RNF213Coding regions
ROBO1Coding regions
SETD2Coding regions
SF3B1Coding regions
SMARCA4Coding regions
TERTPromoter region
TP53Coding regions
TSC2Coding regions
VEGFACoding regions
ZFHX3Coding regions
Whole genomeProbes tiled at 300 kb intervals for genome-wide copy number analysis


Our circulating tumor DNA analysis methodology has been validated in internationally leading studies comparing circulating tumor DNA profiles against time-matched metastatic tissue biopsies and diagnostic biopsies: