Comprehensive colorectal cancer assay

The Fluivia comprehensive colorectal cancer assay detects somatic mutations, copy number changes, rearrangements and germline variants in 66 colorectal cancer genes. The test can be used with circulating tumor DNA, fresh frozen cancer tissue, or FFPE cancer tissue. The assay interrogates all genes that are recurrently altered at the DNA level in colorectal cancer, including genes related to cell cycle regulation, WNT signaling, DNA mismatch repair, and TGFβ signaling. Recurrent gene fusion events involving NTRK1, NTRK2 and NTRK3 are also detected by sequencing the intronic fusion breakpoint regions. The assay also estimates a genome-wide copy number profile at 300 kb resolution, enabling absolute copy number quantification and detection of genome duplication events.

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700 - 1500€ per sample, depending on order volume. Sample shipping and analysis of matched germline samples is free of charge.

Panel content

GeneAnalyzed regions
ACVR1BCoding regions
ACVR2ACoding regions
AKT1Coding regions
AMER1Coding regions
APCCoding regions
ARID1ACoding regions
ARID1BCoding regions
ARID2Coding regions
ASXL1Coding regions
ATMCoding regions
BRAFCoding regions
BRCA2Coding regions
CICCoding regions
CTNNB1Coding regions + exon deletion region chr3: 41,224,000 - 41,225,000
EP300Coding regions
EPHA3Coding regions
EPHA5Coding regions
EPHB1Coding regions
ERBB2Coding regions
ERBB3Coding regions
ERBB4Coding regions
FAT1Coding regions
FBXW7Coding regions
GRIN2ACoding regions
KMT2ACoding regions
KMT2CCoding regions
KMT2DCoding regions
KRASCoding regions
IGF2Coding regions
MGACoding regions
MLH1Coding regions
MLH3Coding regions
MSH2Coding regions
MSH3Coding regions
MSH6Coding regions
MYCCoding regions
NCOR1Coding regions
NF1Coding regions
NOTCH1Coding regions
NOTCH3Coding regions
NRASCoding regions
NTRK1Fusion breakpoint region
NTRK2Fusion breakpoint region
NTRK3Fusion breakpoint region
PIK3CACoding regions
PIK3R1Coding regions
PMS2Coding regions
POLECoding regions
PTCH1Coding regions
PTENCoding regions
PTPRSCoding regions
PTPRTCoding regions
RNF43Coding regions
SMAD2Coding regions
SMAD3Coding regions
SMAD4Coding regions
SMARCA4Coding regions
SOX9Coding regions
SPENCoding regions
TCF7L2Coding regions
TERTPromoter region
TGFBR1Coding regions
TGFBR2Coding regions
TP53Coding regions
ZFHX3Coding regions
Whole genomeProbes tiled at 300 kb intervals for genome-wide copy number analysis


Our circulating tumor DNA analysis methodology has been validated in internationally leading studies comparing circulating tumor DNA profiles against time-matched metastatic tissue biopsies and diagnostic biopsies: